Usenet is a great source for all kinds of porn images and videos but it is an especially good place
to find amateur porn.  For those that don't know what Usenet is, it was one of the original
components of the Internet where people can post text, images and video to specialized areas
called 'newsgroups'.  Anyone can post anything they want.  So if I guy has amateur, naked pictures
of his girlfriend, you can be they'll be posted somewhere on Usenet.  Even Paris Hilton winds up on
Usenet erotica and amateur groups.  
That means that you can find anything you desire. For
example, if you were looking for images of teen girl orgasms you could download all of the images
in a group called:

The one problem with Usenet in general is that most people access it with 'newsreaders' that are
built into their email programs.  The 'newsreader' goes to a 'newsgroup' and downloads all of the
new content.  The user then has to sort through all of the crap to find what they are looking for.  Not
only does this make it hard to find what you really want to see, it also increases the likelihood of
downloading nasty or even illegal pictures such as bestiality or kiddie porn.  

The following sites help solve that problem by cutting out the newsreader, letting you browse or
search for the exact porn you want and preview it before downloading.  Some offer free samples
and most give unlimited downloads.  
Picture View One of the cool things about this site is low price and the free
trial period.  There's nothing like a free sample especially when it comes to
porn downloads.  If you decide to buy, the price ain't bad either.  They don't
have as much content to choose from but batch downloading is a cool feature
and how much porn do you need in one day?

Don't miss:
GUBA This is one of first Usenet sites I discovered.  They offer access to over
two million 'binaries' (Usenet code for images and videos).  Download all you
want, they'll make more!  They claim to post over 100,000 new binaries every
day but good luck finding them.  Organization is terrible and they cost more
than either of the other sites listed here.  

Highlights include:
  • Amateur Teens
  • Cheerleeders
  • Blonds, Brunettes and Redheads  
Usenet Binaries
This site is big and inexpensive.  For $10 you get access to all kinds of crazy
content.  But beware of kiddie porn.  If you download it, even by accident, you
could be prosecuted.  Check out the free trial and see if you can find what you
are looking for.  With 3.5 Million binaries, I bet they have something for you to
look at.  

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